Friday, 14 February 2014

Article - Breathtaking theatre workshop - Ashwini Kaarthikeyan

In November 2013, I enrolled myself quite unexpectedly for my first workshop for actors, at Adishakti Laboratory for the Theatre Arts & Research, in Puducherry. Amongst many luring subjects like the traditional martial arts of Kalaripayattu, voice and breath work inside the salt water swimming pool, exercises for the eyes, traditional drumming lessons on native drums, etc., what really caught my eye was the mention of experiential studies on the Source of Performance Energy, involving a 2000 year old research based on the breath techniques used by performers of Koodiattyam, an ancient classical dance form, from Kerala.
As a Bharatanatyam dancer, I enrolled in this workshop meant for actors, with much trepidation. And now looking back, those ten long and intense days at Adishakti with its extraordinary faculty and research work, leave me transformed, inspired, rejuvenated, 'whole', in every cell of my body, mind and spirit! 

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