Tuesday 6 August 2013

Speaking of Shiva - Lakshmi Vishwanathan

There is a lot to speak of Shiva.  Indian dance, Bharatanatyam in particular, is so completely intertwined with Shiva and his monumental mythology.  I have been watching Sivam, the Tamil version of the Hindi serial Devon ke Dev Mahadev. A marvel of the myriad Shiva myths, it has been produced with devotion indeed! And then... I wonder... Are dancers watching this? I hope they are.  However, I have some reservations about them seeing this serial. Why, the reader might ask. The answer is simple. I am wary of young dancers who are clever and eager to do many new things, assimilating all ideas and pouring it all out in their dance rather indiscriminately as a dramatic narrative. 

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  1. awesome lesson akka. I will read this piece out to all dancers i know