Thursday 13 June 2013

Ashta Darshana: A confluence of music and dance - Dr. Sunil Kothari

Sudha rendered Arunachala Kavirayar’s composition “Yaro Ivar Yaro” in Bhairavi dwelling upon Rama’s first glimpse of Sita in Mithila. The varying moods revolved round sringara.

From the Gita Govinda, the ashtapadi “Sakhi he keshi mathanamudaram” enacted by Geeta to depict sringara succeeded in terms of expressing Radha’s bashfulness and Krishna’s bold cajoling and saying sweet nothings to Radha, untying her garments for union - it had the intensity and dignity, highlighting the lyrics sung melodiously by Sudha. Turning her back to the audience, as Radha, Geeta suggestively displayed the lajja, bashfulness of Radha and turning in front sitting in a majestic stance as Krishna embracing her, she created exquisite images of  Radha and Krishna in love play.

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