Sunday 6 January 2013

Health Column - Longing for a drink? - Veena Basavarajaiah

Water is the most important nutrient required by the human body. It is essential for all bodily functions including circulation, digestion, transportation of nutrients, lubrication of organs and also maintaining body temperature. Water constitutes up to 70-75% of our weight and during a dancing session we can lose up to 2% of our body weight. This lost water has to be replenished by water intake to restore the balance in the body.
The body absorbs water from the food we eat and different fluids that we consume. Fruit juices are a better alternate source of water than coffee and tea. Caffeine present in these hot beverages force out water and essential nutrients and are not good for the dancing body. The presence of sodium affects the water balance in the body. If your body has a problem retaining water then there is a need to consume food rich in sodium. Apart from cooking salt, sodium can be acquired through various foods like beans, sprouts etc. Excessive sodium could lead to water retention and excessive bloating. Drinking water automatically restores the sodium balance in the body and can solve the problem of water retention. 

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