Thursday 19 July 2012

Poem - Omniscient Rasika - Ashley Garcia

The sun is slow to rise,
I wake to the sounds of
Everlasting music,
Instruments of various kinds,
Sounds of
Prayers, chants, and singing,
Flutes, mridangams, and veenas,  
Nattuvangam, ankle bells, and stamping of feet,
The stretching of bodies,
I stretch alongside you daily,
Often times I stand back and watch you,
Dance, sing, and play an instrument or two
Dance and music
Entrap me with such ecstasy,
You are the very core
Of my happiness.
Time fades as the wind blows,
The sun is slow to set,
Alas, I am here watching as always,
Overlooking with such anticipation and fascination.
I fall asleep to the distant sounds of
Chatting, whispering, and laughter,
I am the omniscient rasika.
I am
The banyan tree.

US based Ashley is a student of Bharatanatyam. She loves writing poetry and learning dance.  Though she has never been to India, Ashley has penned this poem on the theme of Kalakshetra through the perspective of its famous banyan tree.

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