Friday, 22 June 2012

Samakala: A Festival of Contemporary Dance - Dr. Sunil Kothari

At the very outset, let me congratulate Odisha Tourism, Dept of Culture, Government of Odisha and Odisha Sangeet Natak Akademi, Bhubaneswar, for organizing Samakala, a Festival of Contemporary Dance, from 11th till 13th June 2012 at Rabindra Mandap. And also for arranging a talk on Contemporary Dance by the renowned art critic Sadanand Menon to give a context for the event. For the first time, Odisha Tourism and Odisha Sangeet Natak Akademi has organized such a festival. There are few such festivals being held in India for contemporary dance genre and any such venture needs full support. The principal Secretary of Odisha Tourism, Mr. Ashok Tripathi, has won unqualified appreciation for his boundless enthusiasm and meticulous planning of dance and music festivals in Odisha and it has rightly won the epithet that Odisha is a state of festivals. Mr. Tripathi is seen all the time on his toes paying attention to all details of the organization and it speaks volumes for one person whose initiative has brought excellent focus on dance.

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  1. It seems like the reviewer is stuck in a time warp and has blinders on. Even a single phrase or progression requires immense hardwork, imagine.....the whole production.

    We offer to have Sunil Bhai over for a workshop at our studio where we can invite various dancers from across the spectrum who will share their process of creating original vocabulary to add to his knowledge

    - Janardhan Raj Urs, Artistic Director NSDK

    One should not misuse his position to bring down parts of an original production, that has gained acclaim from critics and audiences alike the world over, to a mere imitation

    - Ponnamma Devaiah, Assistant Director NSDK

    This review clearly displays a lack of understanding and knowledge of Indian dance and its evolution in today's times.

    Many collaborators, mentors, gurus, senior and younger artistic minds from the fields of design, music, dance, martial arts and others have worked together to create VAJRA - unarguably an original work and the review is questioning the integrity of all the people involved

    - Ramya Nagaraj assistant Director NSDK

    One would expect that a person of seniority (age wise) would not stoop to the level of comparing two completely independent ideologies and to accuse one of "resonating" the other

    - Keerthi Kumar, Head - Projects,NSDK

    It is very disappointing to know that even original work is being slated as copied

    - Roopa. K, Head - Communications,NSDK