Tuesday 24 January 2012

Article - The sad state of Chennai’s performance spaces - VP Dhananjayan

Chennai is known as a cultural capital but the lack of infrastructure despite many articles having been featured in the media along with responses, continues to shock performing artistes in the fields of dance, music and theater. The artistes really suffer on account of these inconveniences which the general public may not be aware of. When designing a performance space, the look of the auditorium seems more important than the needs of artistes that are not taken into account. Of what use is the performance space without the work of artistes? 


  1. Ramaa Venugopalan26 January 2012 at 19:38

    Demolish the concept of Sabhas and take dance back to where it belongs...in temples...it serves a dual purpose...temples will get renovated because people will spill their money atleast out of guilt and performing arts will get a more divine space, than dust infested space...so to speak...

    1. The dance performed at Sabhas does not belong to temples, and nobody will feel guilty about it. The temple dance is founded on 108 karanas.

    2. Excellent article, great thought, towards dancers and rasikas, the technical improvement can be done with the exisiting theatres, flooring, lighting, acoustic, seats, etc can be slowly worked out with annual maintainance budget, but most of the theatre do not have trained technicians, we need good people to take care, its the divine space of worship for dancers. (sai venkatesh, light & stage designer for dance, Bangalore.)