Monday 22 August 2011

The Chandrasekhars - Lalitha Venkat

CV Chandrasekhar is a multi-faceted personality being a dancer, choreographer, researcher, musician, academician, composer and highly acclaimed teacher of Bharatanatyam.  He has been performing for the past six decades in India and all over the globe and is invited by many dancers the world over to teach and to choreograph.  His presentation of Bharatanatyam technique is at its finest and continues to be an inspiration for all dancers.  He has a number of music and dance compositions to his credit and his dance dramas have been highly acclaimed for their individuality and innovative approach.  

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  1. What humility, amazing human being, how lucky to have been influenced by stalwarts and what a full life!! May his legacy continue..God bless.

  2. I met sir & watch his performance at Ahmadabad during the workshop organised by Gujarat Sangeet Natak academy on 17th sept, 2011. I was speechless & almost full of awe for his kindness, loving nature, teaching method of any topic, energy at the age of 78, & above all the aesthetics & philosophy towards the classical dance. How highly classified form like Bharatnatyam can be made contemporary within its own format of grammar & made available to people for understanding can be learned through sir's great compositions. We are fortunate to have such people married to dance & music. I am thankful to Sir & madam for devoting their lives to Dance & music.
    - Beena Sheth