Friday, 10 January 2014

Interview - In conversation with Avinash Pasricha - Sudha Sridhar

Avinash Pasricha needs no introduction to the Art world as he is one of the pioneers when it comes to dance photography. He has the unique distinction and honour of photographing almost all the eminent musicians and dancers of his time. His rich contribution to the world of art in the form of collaborative work with dancers, scholars, critics showcasing the splendor and depth of our art form to the world at large through the lens is well appreciated and admired. Avinash is himself a subject of great interest what with an enviable collection of close to a staggering three lakh images of the performing artists of India in his repertoire and not to forget his unmatched experience of covering the art world from close quarters at its best for more than five decades.
Avinash patiently answers a few questions and shares in abundance his enthusiasm for the subject of art in general and dance in particular.

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