Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Commoditization of Art - Deepa Chakravarthy

The art scene today has undergone a metamorphosis of change. Do we attribute this change for the good or should we just step from within the circle and try to understand a bird’s eye view and look around.

There can be many and more for the media, and our own government institutions to project that our tradition is the oldest tradition. I don’t want to go into how many centuries old – I still read many different things in different places.  The cultural wing of the Government of India likes to grant grand funds for excavating dancing figures in order to project India as among the oldest civilization, evolved and advanced that had the aesthetics to promote art and culture even as early as 4500 years ago. This no doubt immediately puts India on the spotlight in the international scene for being the most sophisticated civilization then. The girl in the statue here conveys volumes of the time and space murmuring secrets of a cultural lifestyle followed in ancient times. And from there on there is no looking back in justifying the question of our heritage or the tradition that we follow now.

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  1. The article is all over the place. What is the writer actually intending to convey ??? The writer has some abstract notions which are thrown all over the place.

    What does the writer have to say about these choreographies by the recent Kerala sangeetha natak academy winner for Mohiniyattam :

    Please think about we NRI's whose chhildren are taught these performances by the cultural icons.